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Flexible Billing

Bill customers the way you want and the best that suits your business nature.

Recurring Subscriptions*

With recurring subscriptions, the re-bills are automated. You can sit back, relax and wait for the cheque from your merchant.

* Dependent on payment gateways
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Trials with Recurring

With free trials, customers will be able to try it out before the recurring billing kicks in which is great to increase your conversion rates.

Supports 2 different trial modes for different pricing tiers.
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Generate stunning invoices on PayPlans. Invoices are generated automatically and can be created manually from the back-end.

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Provide discounts to customers for promotional campaigns or to increase conversion rates.
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Coupon Generator
Built-in coupon code generator helps to generate coupons with a single click.
Percentage or Fixed Amount
Define discount types by percentage or fixed amount.
Start & Expiration Date
Set the start and expiration dates for coupon codes instead of managing them manually.
Plan Specific
Assign coupon codes to work only on specific plans.
Combinable Coupons
Create multiple coupons and allow customers to combine these coupons.
Coupon Usage
Usage of each coupon codes are viewable from the back-end with consumption view.

Referral Discounts

Provide discounts automatically to referrers and customers when they subscribe using referral codes.
Usage Limit
Ability to set usage limit for referral codes generated for users on the site.

When limit is reached, the discount will no longer be applied to their purchase.
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Percentage or Fixed Amount Discounts
Referral discounts uses the same discounts architecture where it applies discount by percentage or fixed amount depending on your preferences.
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Different Reward Tiers
You can also specify a different reward tier for referrers sharer as well as the customer purchaser.
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Start selling with PayPlans today

Create, sell and manage subscriptions with one stop solution for any e-Commerce site in Joomla. Backed by our awesome support & 30-days money back guarantee in case it does not work.
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