I have customized my article template to show the total number of comments after the title, but the number showed is wrong (it always shows "12 comments";) -
see https://accademiainfinita.it/blog/12-coscienza/1016-la-notte-buia-dell-anima, or any other article from the blog https://accademiainfinita.it/blog

Here is the code I am using

// call Komento comment model
$commentsModel = KT::model('Comments');
$commentCount = $commentsModel->getCount('com_content', $this->item->id);

<!-- Render Komento comments single article page -->
<i class="fa fa-fw fa-comments-o"></i> <a href="#comments"><span class="commentCounter" data-kt-counter><?php echo $commentCount; ?> </span><?php echo JText::_('COM_KOMENTO_COMMENTS'); ?></a>
<!-- Render Komento comments on single article page - end -->

this code in inserted in

which si called in

I attach both files for your reference

Thank you
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