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EasySocial 4.0.0 Beta

EasyDiscuss 5.0.0 RC 3


Blog Title Description formating

Usage of "Question" vs "Post" - improvement suggestion

Some labels move to the left in Mobile mode for no reason

easyBlog demo not working Table 'easyblog.#__assets' doesn't exis...

Swipe from left to right doesn't make user BACK

No verification icon and profile types color background

K2 RSS error when Komento contact plugin is enabled

Monetization of EasySocial website with PayPlans

Thumbnail images version on EasySocial Native App

Force/Mandatory Blog Cover?

Linked (youtube) videos open in blank browser page

Can you please add Statistics back to the Categories view?

The Display Category Description on/off function does not work

Delete item ones but lose points many time

Make media Quantum work in EasyArticles?

Mobile and Z-index for Verified icon

Can you share the EasyDiscuss template you use on this forum?

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