UPDATES PayPlans 4.2.11 Released


Komento 4.0 RC 1

Fatal errors in EasyDiscuss after updating Yootheme


Create a background image cover for groups, events, pages etc how...

Tag Display Style dissappear?

Search for EasySocial Stream Items (Journal)

Forum home page

Add Author Without Email Address

Text Based Avatars no working for StackIdeas Toolbar

remove some types of stream items

Why dont you use PayPlans yourself instead of Paddle Fastspring?

Yootheme element offset

Change the background color of a post

The Tag selector in the Composer sections is sorting Z-A, not A-Z

Marketplace show no product image

Points History is not in sync with the listed point items right b...

Tips of Joomla Facebook page with good discussions

User Points as currency or trade

Full package update issue


Group Assignment by Custom Field Registration

Deleting album in group doesn't delete notifications

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