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Feature Requests : between hope and despair

Philippe · ·
10:49 PM Thursday, 09 December 2021

On July 16, 2020, you launched your new Voice Area tool to collect our Features Requests.
Since then, some proposals have received dozens of votes.

On January 20, 2021, 6 months later, you launch the beta version of EasySocial 4.

I was very excited to discover the many new features, often unexpected. And above all relieved to finally see the birth of certain features so hoped for.
In particular the MarketPlace tool, which was initially requested on the forum in March 2018.

However, I was very disappointed to discover that no Feature Request that received the highest number of votes was on the EasySocial 4 menu :(

The world of the web is changing very quickly, and competition from Facebook and other social networks is very strong. It's hard to compete with Facebook Groups.
So our goal is to create a different communication space, more intimate and totally independent.
I have been developing my project with passion for ten years, and it is thanks to Stackideas that it can take shape :)

The year 2022 is starting soon, and logically the next major version of EasySocial should appear soon.

I would therefore like to open a debate with you the Stackideas team and all the users, in order to discuss the future development of EasySocial.

As an entrepreneur, we need to project ourselves into the future. And certain functionalities are sometimes essential to be able to carry out our project.

I know Mark doesn't like to reveal his plans, but we need to know some lines of the roadmap.
We can't develop certain projects until we know if it will be technically possible in the short term.
Personally, my website is not yet profitable enough to allow me to pay for your customizations. The quotes are unfortunately too expensive.

I am well aware that developing new features requires a lot of time. But slowness is failing us, so we have to be more efficient.
It is essential that you prioritize the development of features that we really need.
The internet is already looking to the MetaVers :o

For EasySocial 4.1, could you prioritize developing the features that received the most votes ?

Thank you,
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