I have imported some comments + ratings from Hikashop to Komento.

Since the rating number was just showing
rated 5/5 with 2 votes - (see https://accademiainfinita.it/shop/prodotto/la-sfera-di-energia)
and I have imported 20+ , I thought that maybe Komento is calculating the total number on votes based on the unique IPs of the users.

So I tried to insert some unique IPs (see http://nimb.ws/eOUBkK), but Komento is still showing th e message
rated 5/5 with 2 votes

I also tried to put an unique email address in email column for at least 10 of these comments, whcih now have unique IP + unique email, but this still doesn't solve.

The only other value in DB that is the same for all comments is "0" in "created_by" column (see http://nimb.ws/oYn78W), but I don't think that should cause an issue like this since ratings posted by guests should be normally calculated in the total number of votes.

Thank you

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