I am unable to leave a comment on our web site now in reply to somebody else's comment and I am hoping you might have an idea why? I am getting other comments from spammers so it is a puzzle to me. I get a little error message that says "Internal Server Error" just above the Leave your comments box.

I also got a message that my recaptcha had expired a couple times but then when I refresh the page I can try to submit again but still get the Internal Server Error. Any ideas about this would be greatly appreciated.

This is the url where I was trying to leave a comment:


This is another url to the same page:


This is the comment I was trying to leave as Sean Carney:

Here is an article titled Should we be Concerned about Phytic Acid? that is not particularly about soy but which you may find helpful:

And, here is an blog about Debunking the Anti-Soy Myths that you also might find interesting.

The following page is a Search for the term Soy on this web site that will provide many studies that have been done regarding soy. The bottom line is there is no need to worry about this.

Hope this is helpful.

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