As requested fot the StackIdeas support team, we are starting a new thread for this issue.

We have activated Komento for DOCman but in the document page we receive the following error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: Komento is not defined

After some test and debugging, we have reached the conclussion that this error is thrown because the first Komento.require() instruction is written to the <head> section of the page before the declaration of <script src="/media/com_komento/scripts/site-3.0.5-basic.min.js"></script> which occurs later. We have tried to change this behavior by inserting the line <script src="/media/com_komento/scripts/site-3.0.5-basic.min.js"></script> at the beginning of the <head> section but then we face other javascript errors.

This issue has been reproduced also installing Joomla!, Komento and DOCman from scratch, without any other extensions to discard JS conflicts.

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