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After updating to 3.0.10 its not longer possible to switch to the moderation tab in the ACL.

Steps to reproduce:

1.) Update from Komento 3.0.09 to Komento 3.0.10 via downloaded ZIP file
2.) go to Komento -> ACL
3.) Click on Public
4.) Try to switch to the Moderation tab

The strange part is that I´m only able to reproduce the issue on my Komento installation and for example not on the one from a customer. I think its related to a strange update issue. I normally download the update and install it (upload *.zip to Joomla). Then I press the "complete button". However this time I got redirected directly to the Komento dashboard instead the update wizard. As I can reproduce the issue on my test lab and my productive system I assume a bug in the installer which caused that issue.

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