PayPlans 4.0 Beta 1

Request For Feedback


Blank block

Google "New" Webmastertools and tags as "noindex"

Facebook sharing styling

Play symbol on Vimeo videos sometimes there sometimes not?

site take longer for the content to show

Blank page for AMP version

Urls with index.php?

Update invoice with profil information

Rotated images in EasySocial

Language overrride in Payplans Payumoney app

links in emails are wrong

Remote Mailbox Publishing

Some users can publish videos some can not?

Whats your thought about OpenStreetMap?

Bullets/List Feature in Comments

Cog icon on mobile

Mark a thread as 'unread' after i read it

Mentioning someone in comments

Support is

It is currently off working hours and most of us aren't around.

Rest assured that we will get back to your issues as soon as the day starts tomorrow!