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Hi. I'm working with the subscription module, and would like to confirm expected behavior. It appears that if a web site user (that is a person who has a user account on my client's web site) subscribes to a site/category/etc., then the button changes from "subscribe" to "unsubscribe" because it detects the user email matches that in a subscription email.

But, when a guest (that is, a person who does not have a user account for my client's web site) subscribes, there is nothing to compare the subscribed email address to, so a guest will always see the "subscribe" button even if s/he has subscribed to the site/category/etc.

And assuming that's true, then the only ways to unsubscribe are (1) via the link in the subscription confirmation email or (2) to email the site administrator to have the subscription manually deleted.

Please let me know if this is accurate, but if not, please provide the correct behavior.


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