I need to have a simple Guest display for adding comments from Members who are very reluctant to Log In to anything; I changed the toggle for Display Login Form to off in Layout -> Editor and saved but the Login fields continued to appear, tried Joomla and CB options; cleared browser cache and refreshed page with form, in Firefox and Chrome and Edge.

I tried commenting out parts of /components/com_komento/themes/wireframe/login/default.php, but finally I cut out the whole of the <form action....... <form> code (after saving a copy!) - but this still displayed the Login fields

10 or more hours later, I found that the Login fields HAD disappeared; I do not know what Cache the change may have been in, probably System Cache, On Conservative, 600 mins ie 10 hours, but I do not know whether the original save of Kommento Settings, to disable Login Form would, or should have been held up in this? I could not find where these settings are saved in the Database?

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