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My page (frontend and backend) crashed after I tried to deactivate the "System - Foundry by Stackideas" Plugin in the backend. After switch the status to "off" it just showed the warning message "Class `FH`not found". Everything broke up and was not accessible anymore. I had to load up a complete backup from my provider to solve that problem.

Why can`t I just switch off the Foundry Plugin without crashing my system?
Do I need it anyway? It came together with the newest Komento, along with some other plugins I did not ask for:

Library - Foundry by Stackideas
StackIdeas Toolbar
StackIdeas Toolbar Package
System - Foundry by Stackideas

Do I need all of these to run Komento? I am afraid of switching them off ... The backup-process was very annoying, I lost some updates I just made today :(

Maybe you should warn your users to switch the plugin off. Or just fix it ... ?

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