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I think I have found a small bug. this does not create any issues that I know off but does require a little fix to prevent an error.

I only get this error when I turn the Joomla error level display to Maximum.

The Error

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$id in /home/quanta/public_html/administrator/components/com_komento/includes/komento.php on line 1252


This is caused because of how the integration with 3rd party applications by Komento works. In my case RSFeedback. I wrote the integration plugin using the instructions from stackideas and my additions to those instructions.

The integration works as expected.

However this error is caused by being on a category/'non item' page where there is no 'item ID' and the komento plugin is enabled.

A variable check or something similiar to isset()

This is a low priority issue, if it is an issue! But can you have a look and add it to your internal list if it should be fixed please.

I can provide you with some login details if needed.

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