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Addons and Content hide

Michael Stanek · ·
3:43 PM Friday, 22 April 2022
Hi Manisha, I stumbled upon a problem. I can show / hide content within an article based on the content hider app described at Works like a charm. No problem there. However, if a user adds a plan Addon in the checkout, I am not able to show / hide content based on the Addon. Is it possible?

To give you and example from your website. Say we have 3 plans: Payplans, Komento, EasyBlog. If you choose Payplans, you will also see 2 addons: Komento & EasyBlog. Say you choose EasyBlog. Now you have a Payplans subscription and based on the content hider app, you can see the Payplans download link, but you don't see any EasyBlog download link, because technically you didn't buy the plan....

Is there any way out of this? Thanks a lot. Michael
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