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Content Hider

Joomla Article Content Hider

Content Hider plugin provide facility to hide selected content of article from subscribers/unsubscribers according to plan.

Setup Instructions

  1. Create an article from the back-end and fill it up with some content which you want to show on front-end.
  2. Now, edit the article on which you want to apply the restrictions for subscribed/non-subscribed users.
  3. Starting from the content which you want to hide/show, apply {payplans} as start tag and {/payplans} as end tag.
  4. Application of these tags will hide/show the content from subscribed/nonsubscribed users until they subscribe certain plans.

Setup Content Hider

There are 4 cases applicable with this plugin:

  1. Specified Plan Subscription(SHOW) : Use of {payplans plan_id=1,2, or more SHOW} and {/payplans} will show the inner content to the users who subscribed plan id mentioned in the start tag.

  2. Specified Plan Subscription(HIDE) : Use of {payplans plan_id=1,2, or more HIDE} and {/payplans} will hide contents from subscribers of plan id mentioned in the start tag.

  3. Super User : Super user has access to view all contents and this plugin will not restrict the super users.

  4. Any Plan Subscription : Use of {payplans} and {/payplans} tag will hide the inner content until any plan is subscribed by the customer.

  5. Default Action : Use of {payplans plan_id=1,2, or more } and {/payplans} will consider SHOW action by default.

Take Care of following

  • No space after comma when specifying plan_ids.
  • One space needed after plan_ids and then specify action SHOW/HIDE.
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