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Affordable Plan

Affordable pricing to start your very own desktop conversation apps
Standard Plan

6-months of Updates & Support


Optional Renewal (6-months)


Includes access to Odin Builder, product updates & our flagship support.

Frequently Asked Questions
What will I get?
When you build the app using our very own Odin Builder, it helps you to build either a Mac or Windows version of the software.
Will you provide assistance with the build?
We have Odin, a build manager to handle the builds for your app. You can build the app (.DMG or .EXE) files using Odin.
Do you offer refunds?
No. This is a service that compiles codes into a native mobile package, we are unable to provide refunds.
Is this a one-off price?
Yes, you can choose to renew your subscription before or after the expiration.
What about technical support and app updates?
Priority support and updates will be made available as long as you have an active subscription.
Do you provide customizations or tweaks?
No, we do not provide customizations or tweaks. Titan has ample configuration screens to help you.
What happens with my expired subscription?
The app will still work as it is without any restrictions. You can choose to renew your subscription at the price of $209 when you are ready.
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