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ConverseKit for Mac & Windows

Real-time desktop app allow users to collaborate using the app that they downloaded to their desktop. Works across all major platforms flawlessly.

ConverseKit Desktop App for Joomla
ConverseKit Desktop App for Joomla
ConverseKit Desktop App for Joomla
ConverseKit Desktop App for Joomla
Native for Mac & Windows
Native executables that work out of the box for both Mac & Windows
Light & Dark Mode
Allow users to switch between dark and light mode right from the app
Share Files
Share pictures and documents with your peers using ConverseKit Desktop
Real-Time Desktop Alerts
Receive real-time desktop alerts whenever you receive a new message from your peers
GIPHY Support
Works out of the box with GIPHY to spice up your conversations
Odin Web Builder
Super simple web builder to build both Mac & Windows app. No technical requirements needed
Odin Build Manager
Build and manage your app settings and customization in one place.
ConverseKit Desktop App Odin Build Manager
General Setup
Configure the app, logo and many other application settings right from Odin
Build and Download App
Simple and elegant interface to build your apps using the web
Manage Translation
Manage the translations of the app directly using Odin
Layout Cusomization
Configure general layout settings right from the web without modifying any files
Get ConverseKit Desktop
Available for both Mac and Windows.
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