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Zeus Digital Media Experienced EasyDiscuss.

Zeus Digital Media Experienced EasyDiscuss.

Site Of The Week is where we feature Joomla sites that are using EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss or Komento. If you missed out last week’s feature, you can click Manitoba Parkland to read more.

This week we are featuring Zeus Digital Media.


Zeus Digital Media is a small creative agency committed to providing first-class design solutions and quality customer service in digital media. Click here to see more discussions.

We have interviewed Bryan E. Mendelson, CEO of Zeus Digital Media. And below are the conversations we had:

1. Have you used any Joomla extensions before EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss?

Before this I was using ZOO by YOOtheme and K2.

2. How did EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss helped you better manage your blog, discussion or forum compared to your previous Joomla extensions?

The ease of use says it all. There were too many times when dealing with the "other" companies’ components/extensions where we ran into issues along the way. Stackideas' EasyBlog/EasyDiscuss are COMPLETE products that allow us to successfully create and manage our client sites with a "no questions needed" product.

3. How did you get to know about our extensions and, why did you choose them for your site?

I was doing some research for some quality blog/forum components and came across Stackideas, and was hooked!

4. If there is one thing you can add or change in our product, what would that be?

Maybe a restructure of the settings, a clearer picture of what does what.

5. What do you think about our support team?

The support team and available forum is a blessing. I was able to get great support and find the answers to all my questions in the support forum/discussion.

Bryan E. Mendelson, CEO of Zeus Digital Media.

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