Win Joomla themes from TemplateMonster

Win Joomla themes from TemplateMonster

How about some free Joomla templates? If this just got you charged, then read on and learn about the giveaway that we're hosting here at StackIdeas, thanks to TemplateMonster!

To enter, please comment on this post and let us know which Joomla Template from those available at you would like to get and why.

For example: “I want to win a Joomla Template # 43876 because it’s perfect for my corporate site”.

The prizes are offered by TemplateMonster and if you win, you can get ANY premium Joomla Template from their collection for free!

There are over 1100 Joomla Templates at to choose from and more than 200 of them are responsive Joomla Templates, meaning you can easily find the right design for your Joomla site there. Best part of it all, our Joomla extensions EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss, Komento and SectionEx integrates smoothly with their themes, too.


The comments will close on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 and the five winners will be chosen by a random number generator. Each winner will get a Joomla template of his/her choice as stated in our comments area below.

The winners will be contacted by email. So, be sure to use your valid email address when you comment on this post. Your email address will only be used to notify you if you win.

We wish you good luck!


Comments (21)

  1. Swati

I like Item: #44304 , Author: Butterfly for its following features :
1. Navigation : Horizontal menu is very user friendly, looks simple and subtle
2. Colors and overall design is wonderful
3. Sections are well oriented

  1. Gagan Modi

I want to win a Joomla Template # 44171, Galnextech because it’s perfect in responsive theme with beautiful template for my discuss forum and blog.. It surely going to bring in new life to the site.

  1. Leftfield

#43876 Because I like peace in the world.

  1. Webproster

I want to win a Joomla Template # 44310 because this template ROCKS

  1. ivfuby

I want to win a Joomla Template #44600 because it’s nice :)

  1. Mindaugas Girdvainis

Great contest guys! I like template #42334. I would use it to build my personal webpage :)

  1. Matt

#44167 I've been looking for something simple/minimal and this one would work perfectly for a portfolio project.

  1. Bastian W.

I would like to win #42060. Because many of my visitors came to my technology related blog via a mobile device, but my current template isn´t responsive. So i need to come up with a new template here for them.

  1. Kiril Y.

I would like to win #44165 - it's perfect for a website of my school. I can't imagine better template for this purpose - this is exactly what i was looking for many days and i can't believe that i forgot to check your website :)

By Kiril Yovev at

  Comment was last edited about 5 years ago by Kiril Y. Kiril Y.
  1. Alex Paterson

I want to win #40237 just because I want to win :D I cant see a field to type my email so I will type it here:

  1. darken rahl

Joomla template #44987 is the most beautiful template i've seen for months!

  1. Asker Denim

template #44414 , I like it

  1. Peter Walker

I like #44275 . It has given me an idea to launch a small opportunity on the internet using that exact template. Glad I discovered this service ;)

  1. Fernando Flores

I like the template #40385 that would adapt to my project perfect for a SPA. My email is

  1. Andrey

i like this one #44605 - the cars look very nice :)

  1. Sefta Rinik

This is the temnplate that i like: #41869

i like it becouse it is good

my email is

  1. Andrew Rogers

Thanks all for sending in your comments!! We've closed the contest and will not accept any more entries. We've also chosen the Best 5 comments and will announce it in the same blog.

Thank you all again for participating! ;) ;)

  1. Mindaugas Girdvainis

Any news on who won the templates? :)

  1. Andrew Rogers    Mindaugas Girdvainis

Thanks for the reminder. We've just updated the blog with the list of winners. ;)

  1. Peter Walker

YEHAAAA I won one. Thank you stackideas :D
Very happy indeed.

  1. Andrew Rogers    Peter Walker

Congratulations once again, Peter! :D

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