Only download extensions from our official site

Only download extensions from our official site

We received numerous requests from non paying customers where their site has been hacked. Upon inspecting on some of these sites which downloaded EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss, some of the codes in the software has been injected with some "backdoors" which allows the hacker to gain super admin access to your site.

We would like to inform all non customers who obtained the extension from any external sites that we will not be providing any support and we do not hold any responsibility if your site is being hacked because you downloaded the archive from a 3rd party (warez / unofficial site).

If you are already using an unofficial copy, please do consider purchasing a valid subscription and install the official versions available only from out website

If you are using the official copy, you are absolutely safe from all these reports :)

Again, we would like to stress out that we will not be responsible if your site is hacked because you installed an unofficial version.


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  1. Manuel

I'm trying to sign up for many times but I always get the same message: "Invalid captcha response. Please try again." Is there any problem for registering?
Thanks in advance.

  1. Mark

Are you still having problems with registration? Let us know.

  1. Kray

Reminds me of this story: Pirates complain because their pirated game doesn't allow them to progress

Bunch of idiots. You get what you pay for!

  1. Mark

Nice one Kray :)

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