Why you will fall in love with EasyDiscuss 3.1

Why you will fall in love with EasyDiscuss 3.1

Based on the feedback that we have received from our users when we released EasyDiscuss 3, our dedicated developers have been burning the midnight oil working on EasyDiscuss 3.1. Before I start bragging about some of the key features of EasyDiscus 3.1, it is my duty to let you know that we are also working on a new extension concurrently. More details will follow up very soon about our new extension, in a separate blog :)

Here are some of the reasons why you'll love the awesome EasyDiscuss 3.1:

A new theme

Twitter Bootstrap is great but we noticed that there are just too many sites that solely rely on their base styles. This makes every site look pretty much the same and kinda boring too! Some improvisations were done and our design engineer crafted this:


And oh, if you must know, our creative designer is now working on another prototype design (Still in the works, yeah).


Quite often on your site, some of the replies are worth being a discussion itself. In EasyDiscuss 3.1, we have introduced branching where you as the site administrator or your moderators can branch existing replies to be a discussion itself.



Converting comments as reply

At times, your user might post their answers through the built-in comment in the discussion itself and there wasn't any way to move the comment into an existing discussion and have it work as a reply. With EasyDiscuss 3.1, you will be able to convert existing comments on the site into a reply.



Online Status

A problem that most site owner's had previously was when the user's does not know the online status of another user. There is no way to tell if the moderator is currently online or not. In EasyDiscuss 3.1, we have introduced the new online state which appears beneath the author's avatar and name. This of course, is configurable as well.



Post types

In EasyDiscuss 3.1, you will also be able to define new post types for your site. When users create a new discussion, they would then be able to select the type of the post. It could be feature request, issues, tasks, bugs or anything else that would suit your site.



New post statuses

In EasyDiscuss 3.1, moderators can assign additional post statuses for the discussions on the site. This would then allow other users to view the state of the current discussion.


That's all folks. Stay tune to updates from our Facebook and Twitter page.


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  1. muhanadu

a new extension .. :D that's what i call a teaser :D

  1. Mark    muhanadu

Haha, stay tune for more updates :p

  1. Fred

Post types & Post Status are wonderful features to add! I know I haven't been around much but I've been keeping my eyes on you'll. My remodel of my office is almost done thus I will be getting back into web design and renewing my sub here!

  1. Mark    Fred

Awesome! It's good to have you around :) Perhaps share some photos of your new office with us :p

  1. Enes

Finally we heard about 3.1 version... These changes are really useful, especially post types, new flat theme and brancihng reply as question features.
But guess what, we need ETA for the release :) Looking forward to update ED

  1. Mark    Enes

Enes, we are looking forward for beta testing next week :)

  1. Enes    Mark

That's great :)

  1. Mark    Enes

Thanks :)

  1. Germi

will the version for Joomla 2.5 be built with Bootstrap as well? :) hope so!!

  1. Mark

Yes, it will still be built on top of Twitter bootstrap :)

  1. Erick Boileau

a new extension : you mean another product ?

  1. Mark

Yep, apart from working on EasyDiscuss 3.1, the team is also working on a new product as well :)

  1. Enes

Dear Mark, did you implement "displaying badges under avatar" feature on this release?

  1. Mark    Enes

Hello Enes,

I am sorry but it isn't available yet currently but since it's a pretty easy task, we'll see if we can include this in the next release

  1. Enes    Mark

Yes that's really easy, I already had it as override. But if you implement it in core release, there won't be loss when we upgrade.
Thanks Mark...

  1. Mark    Enes

Let me discuss this with the team :)

  1. renejdm

Looks great... but can you search within a category?


  1. Mark    renejdm

Hello Rene,

I am sorry but it isn't available yet currently :(

  1. Richard

The "Post Types" feature sounds awesome. Will each individual type of question or post be able to be cascaded down into specific categories? If it does which seems logical this will be one of the best features in this new release!

  1. Eric T.

Hello Richard,

Sorry to say that it is not available yet.
Currently the behavior is that every new post you can assign your own created post type.
But thanks for the heads up on this, will include into our feature list and see how it goes :)

Best regards,
Eric T.

  1. Pavel Shilov

EasyDiscuss, EasyBlog the best components on the market (Comfort, design and ease) I'm looking forward to this update! The guys at work on the design Komento and then you will be better!!

  1. Mark

Thank you Pavel :)

  1. Parvez Akther

Ahhhhhhh, i need to modify lot of override code then :(

  1. Mark

Hello Parvez,

There's not really much theme files that are being updated, so your existing theme files should still work but if you want to add in those new functionality like post types and post statuses, you just need to re-apply them again :)

  1. John

Can u do something about how these comments look on a phone? indenting doesn't work with replies well...

otherwise, great stuff... :)

  1. Mark

Thanks John, we're trying to see if we can update this on Komento 1.6 :)

  1. Parth Lawate

Would be a good idea to integrate JBolo with this.. So if a user is online, a chat can be initiated.. & then can be archived as a reply or comment ?

  1. Parth Lawate

Would be a good idea to integrate JBolo with this.. So if a user is online, a chat can be initiated.. & then can be archived as a reply or comment ?

  1. Mark

That would be a good idea Parth :) By the way, why are you not here in JAB!

  1. Ross MacLane

Mark...you told me in a post about 3 months back you were also going to have a vBulletin importer in this release...if this fact or fiction!

  1. Mark

Hello Ross,

Migrating from vBulletin to EasyDiscuss is currently not possible yet due to certain restrictions. We haven't really found a proper way to do this but we'll try to see if we can get this up in 3.2

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