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WebmaisterPro Loves EasyBlog!

WebmaisterPro Loves EasyBlog!

Ever wondered how will EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss or Komento look like in your site? 

Starting from this week, we will be featuring Sites of the Week showing you Joomla websites that are powered by our Joomla components. This effort will serve as case studies for you if you are still curious about our products. You can also discover how the templates in our products smoothly blends into most Joomla templates.

This week, we are featuring WebmaisterPro.


WebmaisterPro.com is a social network site for webmasters.Their blog features topics on SEO, design, web development and many more.We recently interviewed Kaloyan Banev, owner of WebmaisterPro and below is the conversation we had:

1. What was your previous blogging tool before EasyBlog?

Actually I’ve tried to develop a bridge between WordPress and Joomla but I personally didn’t liked the results and this put too much load on web server, so I would not recommend to other webmasters. As standalone platforms I have used Drupal, WordPress and custom build blogging platforms. EasyBlog is the first blogging extension native to Joomla that I have used and not regretting it at all. 

2. Why did you choose EasyBlog to be used in your site?

I saw the demo on StackIdeas' website and read about the features and I thought that this is the most suitable extension and exactly what I need for my project. It was critical to offer blogging platform to the members of my social network. Without realizing, I think using EasyBlog had helped me to outsmart competitors that offer guest blogging without any difficulties.

3. What do you think about EasyBlog?

EasyBlog is an extension that works out of the box, anybody can handle it, and it is intuitive and a very stable blogging platform. Members of my website have shared positive experience and really love blogging with EasyBlog.

4. How did EasyBlog helped you better manage blogs compared to your previous blogging tool?

EasyBlog is complete solution, the other platforms need a lot of skills, premium plug-ins and templates to get closer to EasyBlog and this would cost a lot. I don’t think that any other blogging environment can offer that strong security and spam control like EasyBlog can.

5.  Will you recommend EasyBlog to others?

In addition to this excellent component, there always two major factors that many webmasters underestimate – support and future releases. As EasyBlog is a blogging extension for Joomla, everybody should think about strong support and good community or the project would fail.

On the other hand, since I installed EasyBlog, there were 3 major releases of Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5. I didn’t have any problems with migration through these platforms. Joomla version 3 is just around the corner and I am sure that EasyBlog will work like a charm in this long term support release. For sure I can recommend EasyBlog and of course Komento as mandatory commenting system for EasyBlog and Joomla.


 Kaloyan Banev, owner of WebmaisterPro

Next week we will be featuring another site, so stay tuned for more Site Of The Week!


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