Video: Learn How to Blog in Joomla with EasyBlog

Video: Learn How to Blog in Joomla with EasyBlog

We recently conducted a webinar on how to blog in Joomla with EasyBlog. The webinar was organized by our partner who specialized in cloud hosting solutions where over 200 Joomla users around the world participated in it. For those who missed the webinar, you could view the recorded version below:

(We hope you could finish the entire video, watch out for a SPECIAL GIFT at the end of the video :D)


There are other features not covered in this video but you could still check out our Documentations on some how-tos such as:

You could also refer to the following tips to get MORE out of EasyBlog:

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  2. Install blog templates in Joomla 3.0
  3. Blog from your iPad with Blogsy
  4. Monetize Your Joomla Blog with SocialAds

We are ever ready to support you for that smooth experience in using this powerful blogging extension for Joomla websites. Feel free to contact us.



Comments (5)

  1. Gagan Modi

Great Video Andrew
I have new members in team, and to make them participate on :-Blog on Cars i was looking for Tutorial

Found this awesome video
The team were amazed and geared up by seeing features in Easyblog. Compliments !!

  1. Andrew Rogers    Gagan Modi

Hey Gagan,

Hope you learnt some new stuff there! Thanks for your great support! ;)

  1. David Kley

This is the second post I had viewed today, trying to learn some more features to use on my company blog at Web Design and Company. Actually surprised at how much I didn't know. Is this video available for embedding? I would like to write an article about Easyblog on my site, and embed this video to help people understand how easy it is to use.

  1. Patrick McCoy

While working with a new client's website which is build in Joomla, we stumbled across this post and video! Thank you! It's been extremely helpful as we work to modify the website for SEO purposes. Our Raleigh SEO company deals with WordPress mainly, but getting more and more clients using Joomla so any little tip and trick we can learn is great! Thanks for posting as I'm sure I'll be back to reference again. - Patrick


Where is the video?

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