UPDATES PayPlans 4.2.10 Released

Vanilla Template Released

Vanilla Template Released

​Happy Tuesday folks! We are really pleased to be announcing the stable release of Vanilla template which is finally available on our Apps directory

This long awaited template underwent tremendous refactoring and restructuring, as the team familiarize and experiment with Helix 3 framework.

Vanilla has a beautiful off-canvas sidebar made exclusively for the EasySocial 2.1 update. This highly customizable template also has a powerful built-in Layout manager and MegaMenu settings for you to tweak and personalize to suit your site.

Claiming your template

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all Beta users for feedbacks and taking the time to submit bug reports during the beta testing period.

For Vanilla preorder owners, you should be able to access Vanilla stable release directly on your Orders Page. Please contact us along with your #order reference should you find that your order is missing from this page. 

​If you happened to miss out on our pre-orders, not to worry. 
You could still grab your copy on our Apps store for a one time payment of $59.

What's next? 

​As 2017 is coming towards a close, the entire team is working really hard behind the scenes to prepare many awesome goodies worth looking forward to. A couple of development projects that are currently ongoing include PayPlans 3.7, EasyBlog 5.2 and a new template is brewing behind our designers lab. So stay tuned, more will be revealed soon. :)


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a new template for blog or whole site?

Entire site :)

Ah it will be a new design for your site Stackideas.com. I have misunderstood.

It's actually a new template like what we did with Vanilla :p

It is also a different concept altogether.

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Mark Mark

Interesting... :)

Congratulations on another impressive milestone with this release!

I'd say more wonderful things but I have to rush off and grab my copy of Vanilla now!

Thanks Andy!

Cool :)

Joomla Templates have been a thorn in my side for years.
Vanilla looks great, is easy to manage and is pretty darn flexible!
Lots of nice bells and whistles with out being bloated.

Thanks SI Team!

Comment was last edited about 3 years ago by Paul Murray Paul Murray

Thanks Paul!

Is there any coupon for black friday?

Does that coupon cover the new Vanila template?

Hey Gary,

That coupon is only applicable to product purchases and not on items on our apps store.

Soon a new template, then you just go out Vanilla ! :o

im wondering, how the new Templates would look with Helix Ultimate :P the stable Version will be released on 25th january.

On my sight, it's a satisfaction to see joomshaper and stackideas work perfectly together. Also with the SP Page Builder, site owners have the possibility to create amazing sites. Both companies have passion to create amazing and easy useful things.

I just got back from the Joomla World Conference and had some lengthy discussions with the team from Joomshaper. The transition to Helix Ultimate should be pretty easy because they would also need to update all their templates too.

There is going to be some quirks of course but we're still waiting for updates on Helix Ultimate :)

Is it a three column layout - as in can you have full width pages and then a page with a right hand sidebar and a left hand sidebar? I see conversations page for example has a right hand sidebar but can this be removed easily?

Hm, not really sure what do you mean here James. Mind elaborating more on this please?

Sorry mark I should have been clearer here. Notice this page here: https://cl.ly/390G052T3b2R for the conversations and notice the right hand sidebar module area. Is there a simple way to hide the right hand module area and have the page be full width.

Hey James,

Yep, if you don't have any modules there, then it would expand accordingly :) To illustrate this, try accessing http://vanilla.stackideas.com/community/conversations now.

Super, I think I may just give this a try :)

Yep you should :)

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