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Black Friday Special

Black Friday Special

The holiday season is approaching and many festive sales are popping everywhere. What better way than sharing the same joyous spirit with this upcoming Black Friday. 

​While many ongoing projects are happening behind the scene, it seems that 2017 has been great for Stack Ideas thus far. Today we would like to offer a whopping 25% off storewide, for both new single purchases and single product renewals. You may use the coupon codes highlighted below for the respective products:

BLACK25 : EasyBlog, EasySocial, EasyDiscuss, Komento and EasyArticles
SBLACK25 : EasySocial Lite, PayPlans, MetaMan and ConverseKit.

Be quick as our Black Friday Special valids till 25th November 2017.

Apart from just our renewal savings, you will be pleased to know that our long time partner, Joomlashine are also having some pretty amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as well. They are having up to 30% discount for All-in-one Dev Package, which allows you to get all JoomlaShine products with only one subscription at the price from $299 to $199Their promotion is available from 22nd to 27th November, so do also check them out and happy shopping everyone! :)


Comments (18)

Thank you for good news :)

Thanks for your support CJ :)

No discount for conversekit or payplan ?

I was hoping for the same :(

Hey HMED & Keith,

Since these products do not have any renewals yet, you may use the coupon code above to get a new license with 25% off instead. :)

Thanks, Sylvie! I'll be purchasing both before Black Friday! :)

You are welcome Keith! :)

Thank you :)

thnaks Slylvie, just purchased the metaman !
what about ES apps ?

Coupon BLACK25 doesnt work to Easy Articles!! what a disappointment!

Hi Wilson,

The coupon code should work for EasyArticles now, can you try again please?

Can you make a discount and for apps. Thanks in advance. :)

How about bundle renewal?


Bundles are already heavily discounted and this coupon code doesn't work on bundles. Rest assured that if you are on the bundles, when the rebill occurs, the loyalty discount will be applied automatically :)

Hi Mark, I'd like to take advantage of ConverseKit discount, can I buy renewal now? I don't have an option to renew subscription in my dashboard. Thanks!

Hey there,

Could you create a ticket at https://stackideas.com/forums on this please? Thanks! :)

What is Easysocial Lite? is this a new product?

It is just a different contract as a flexibility for users who doesn't need access to our support or updates that often :)

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