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Komento supports HWDMediaShare and SobiPro

Komento supports HWDMediaShare and SobiPro

We are pleased to announce a new update for Komento, your preferred comment extension for Joomla. I am also taking this opportunity to share the 3 main highlights of this release.

Komento version 1.0.2841 now includes 2 new integrations with other Joomla extensions and 1 new feature that is highly requested by our customers.

Integration with HWDMediaShare

If you are using HWDMediaShare to display your media, now you can add Komento to it to activate comments in those media pages. Komento is ready to support HWDMediaShare in this version. Please take note that you will need to install the Komento addon from HWDMediaShare to enable Komento on HWDMediaShare. Refer to the documentation page for more information on how to enable Komento for HWDMediaShare.

This is how Komento fits into your media pages of HWDMediaShare:


Integration with SobiPro

And if you do have a directory site powered by SobiPro, Komento will add more value to it where users can leave their comments in those directory pages. You don't need any plugins to install as Komento is configured in the backend itself. Refer to our documentation page for more information on how to enable Komento for SobiPro.


Email notification for specific user groups

Previously, Komento sends email notifications of latest comments to the site administrator, subscribers and authors. In this version of Komento, we've given you total control of this where you can specify which user group you wish these email notifications to go to. This is great if you want to control privacy amongst user groups.


Check out how Komento looks like in some of our clients' sites

There you have it, the latest build of Komento that you must check it out. Komento is free to use and if you require professional technical support, here are some options for you.


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Yet once again, the StackIdeas Team pushes the envelope of keeping up to user demand with new features and support for new extensions. Well done!

Komento works with JoomGallery?


I'm sorry but currently it doesn't.

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