Extension Updates! EasyBlog 5.3 Released! Tons of new exciting features and improvements... 馃寪 鉂わ笍 馃帀

Unifying all our subsites

Unifying all our subsites

Initially we have setup several different sites to house the issue tracker, documentation, user voices and our roadmap . However, it seems like the usability and the entire workflow of accessing these sub sites has been affected. With that being said, we have fix the access to our sub-sites by taking a drastic measure;  which some of you may have noticed; that we are now centralizing all these sections to be part of our main site. This, we believe, would improve the entire navigation throughout all these sections easily.




The documentation site has been revamped and we are now standardizing all documentation across all our products to use the same system. Not only we've moved it, we've also added new entries in our docs. If you are experiencing 404 errors with the documentation area, please access the new documentation site.

View Documentation


Issue Tracker


The current issue tracker only supports 2 products right now, EasySocial and EasyBlog respectively. As we work on the newer versions of Komento and EasyDiscuss, we will be adding them when the time is right. For EasyBlog 5 alpha/beta releases, we will only accept any bug requests via EasyBlog's Issue Tracker page. Do share any bugs that you might find here, we will verify that it's a bug, and squash it. Kindly take note that these issues are only for beta releases issues. :)

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We have also standardized the template so that it looks the same across all our sites and our changelog now uses the same template as the site. We ensure that all information are shared in a beautified layout; you won't feel bored by reading our changelog. Give it a try!

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The roadmap for EasySocial has been updated and we're still addressing some of the teething issues with our source control provider and our roadmap system. We will include all our products on a central roadmap system rather than splitting them. As with changelog, we ensure that all information are handed out in a beautified layout so that you feel comfortable browsing through the page. To view our roadmap, click on the button below.

View EasySocial Roadmap


Other updates?

We've released EasyBlog 5 Alpha 2 and has been squashing bugs that are reported to us via our EasyBlog's Issue Tracker page. Should you are holding an active EasyBlog license, I personally recommend for you to check out EasyBlog 5 Alpha 2. With new composers, we've totally re-wrote the whole component, and brought the future of Joomla's blogging here at your fingertip.

Get EasyBlog 5 Alpha 2

Well, that's about it. As usual, I'll retrieve to my coding cave while you guys enjoy the new updates we have on our site.




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Great move to unifying everything. Glad to see the updated roadmap for ES 1.4! Is clearner url's through out ES still planned? The voices section still has it listed for ES 1.4. As mentioned before, the sooner the better considering the impact with SEO.

Seems like you guys are in good spirits, I'm glad to hear.

Thanks Josh If time permits, we'll definitely look into the cleaner url structure but right now our priority is on getting a shorter url structure for users

Great job trying to organize yourselves better. I have one nagging issue with the changelogs: only the current version is available. If I don't update for a month a two, and miss a few versions, I have no way of knowing things that have been fixed, changed, added, etc...

Any way the changelogs can be seen on a version-by-version basis?

Thanks Steve, I will try to see if we could have a way to display all the previous versions on the changelog so that it would be more feasible for you guys to browse through the changes across versions.

I appreciate all of these improvements; the information helps us plan and stay current and the new improvements take the "pain" out of those necessary tasks. I can imagine having made EB5 Alpha 1 & 2 available that you didn't even exhale, just took as many cycles and minutes during the day/night to address these latent issues --- THANKS

Thank you Eileen!

How difficult would it be to tie all of the extensions in with the Joomla! Extension Update System so that we don't have to come and check for updates or visit the component backends daily or by chance? I don't mean allow for remote updates but simply provide a notification that there "IS" an update.

This includes: Components, Modules and Plugins ?




Sorry, but missed your post earlier. We haven't really yet explored this possibility but if it's do-able, we'll definitely want to try this out

Funny, I just saw this post:

Joomla Extension Devs ! Not using Joomla Update can cost you and your users !


The Joomla Extension Directory no longer displays updated extensions (as it's own view that is), hence making it a little harder to keep up with updates. Fortunately the Joomla updater feature has come into most major extensions just in time before this was removed.

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