Translate our Components with OpenTranslators

Translate our Components with OpenTranslators

We made the move to OpenTranslators just last week and so far been receiving a surge of translators looking to contribute their linguistic expertise in our Joomla components. We couldn't be grateful enough to all of you for the faith and support!

You can also be part of this all by joining OpenTranslators, the good people who co-ordinates teams of translators for Joomla components.

To be a translator, just follow the steps after the jump ...

How to Sign-up as a Translator?

1. Sign up as a user at our site and shoot us an email to Andrew at andrew and mention which language you would like to translate.

2. Proceed to OpenTranslators and spend a minute to go thru the How-Tos at and take note of the 'Translator Guide' details on the right panel of this page.

3. Register at and request to join the Translation team for the language that you want to translate at

4. Your request will be approved in a day or two and you can start translating our EasyBlog at and EasyDiscuss at

Perks of being a Translator

All our approved translators who are committed and are willing to go the distance with us in the long term will receive complimentary use of the translated component for as long as it goes. All we ask is continuous translations from you and you get to play with our Joomla components, worry-free.

If you have a website with lots of traffic, how about putting up an affiliate link in there and convert those traffic to curious, paying customers where you can make some money on the side? Details of this will be provided to you once after you joined us, for sure.

Yeah, some of the goodies that you will expect from us for being a translator. Any inquiries are welcomed in the comments section below. ;)


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Hi! Thanks for sharing such an excellent URL. Can you please suggest me any specializations for a translator to get joined in your website?


Hi there, as long as you can translate and write in your language, you are all set to be our translator. :D

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