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Templates update available

Templates update available

With the release of EasySocial 3.0 stable, we would also like to present you with compatibility updates and some minor bug fixes for Charm, Office and Echo template.

How to?

To update to the latest version of the respective templates forementioned is rather simple and straightforward. All you have to do is re-install the latest template installer found on your Orders page and run the installation as you normally would do on Joomla Extension Manager page.

For EasySocial 2.x.x

鈥婩or sites that are still running or choose to stay prior to EasySocial 3.0, it's advisable not to upgrade your template. This is because EasySocial 2.x.x will not be compatible with the latest template fixes due to the different overrides. In other words, the template updates are mainly catered towards sites running on EasySocial 3.0.

Missing dashboard sidebar

Since EasySocial 3.0 went into a more minimalistic approach in terms of the overall design. You will immediately realize that the sidebar filter went missing after upgrading to EasySocial 3.0, worry not. You can still choose the modules to display under the position of es-dashboard-aside instead. Otherwise, feel free to contact our support team should you have other inquiries or concerns. 


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Hi Guys, what's the name of the module for the sidebar filters?

Which module? Are you referring to the dashboard or? Anyway if it is support related question, kindly please do post it under the appropriate section.

Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Mark Mark

the dashboad stream filter module

Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Robert Robert

It is called "EasySocial Newsfeed" module.

Is the template demo using latest version?

In a future update could you
Please make

So we can choose what side to modules on also if we could choose the width of the sidebars would be awesome.


I also have tips to evaluate a alert popup javascript liberary that works nice see example here

wow that's amazing!

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