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Superb Searching Component

Superb Searching Component

Are you tired of Joomla!'s basic search function and are searching for a nice component/plugins that can cater to your needs? Well, search no more! I am pleased to announce Egolt Archive, one of the best searching components from the Egolt team

The installation takes less than 20 second on my local and after setting up the menu item for it, Egolt Archive is good to go. 

Egolt Archiver main page


By default, this is what the Archive looks like. It seems like a normal interface but what's hidden underneath it is powerful.

The Customization

The Egolt Archive comes with 4 different colours plus a default colour for you to use on your site. The four colours are Black, Blue, Red and Light Green. The changes can be made from the backend. 



Apart from the GUI customization, you can also customize the calendar format. Currently Egolt Archive supports these calendar format :

  • Gregorian (International)
  • Solar Hijri
  • Islamic Calendar (Hijri)
  • Russian
  • Turkish

This is something is greatly helps those who uses a different calendar format for their site. Check out the calendar's screenshots : 



Other that these, you can also determine the results's display format. You can either view it in 4 different displays : 

  • Text & Image :  As the name implies, your results will be displayed with text and images.
  • Title Only : Listing the results via it's Title. Perfect for the 'minimalist' out there :D
  • Photo Gallery : The results will be displayed in a beautiful Photo Gallery. Not for those who have lots of texts on their site!
  • Feed : The content is viewed in an RSS feed. 

The Support

Egolt Archive supports RTL. For our brothers and sisters who uses RTL language for their site, you can still uses Egolt Archive without the hassle of setting up RTL. There's also a built-in "Authors Module" that helps you to list the authors; which you can filter by date. In addition to this, all listings can be filtered by the authors. :)

This awesome components will update itself; so you don't have to worry about using the out-dated versions nor will you have to go through the hassle of downloading the latest version from their site.  

Have I mentioned that Egolt Archive also supports EasyDiscuss? EasyDiscuss helps you to build a powerful and awesome forum/Q&A site. As time goes by, your forum will get clustered with activities. Egolt Archive will help you to search for any information with killer precisions.

Apart from these features, there are tonnes of other features that I failed to mention here, as elaborating more will not do justice to what this component can do. For those who wishes to know more on Egolt's Archive, do check out it's main features page here. Should you wish to get EasyDiscuss and/or Egolt Archive, feel free to click on the button below. 


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