New voices area for all our products

New voices area for all our products

We have been trying hard to separate forum posts between the feature requests category and other categories on the forums but we realize that posting a feature request on the forum are mainly just noises and it's really difficult to keep track of them. We have been trying this with EasySocial and we are really happy with the results from the first version of Voices. We have now updated our Voices area to support all our products.

Our plan this year is to move all feature requests into the appropriate section so that all your suggestions would be properly linked to our internal tracking system where our developers are working on these new feature request.

What's coming up next is our roadmap and beta testing area. We'll be revamping them shortly to also serve pretty similar requests like EasySocial for all of our products.


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  1. René

hi mark, great :) just tried the new Voice but can't use EB Submit Feature because i get always "Sorry, but you need a valid subscription to access this area"!

  1. Mark    René

Hm, this is odd as you do have a valid subscription on our site. I'll check on this.

  1. Mark    René


It should work fine for you now if you have a valid subscription :)

  1. Jannik L.

Works great, I have started submitting Feature Requests for EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss :)

  1. Mark

Thanks Jannik :)

  1. Richard

Loving every little tweak of the new design and every new feature you are adding to the new site!

  1. Mark

Thanks Richard :)

  1. Antonio Starace

I should have a valid subscription for ES but can't submit new voices nor filter for voice category (I'm being redirected to main Voices page.

  1. James

I also cannot submit new features on voices unfortunately :( I have a valid subscription.

  1. Philidia    James

There is a small problem, the Komento section redirect to easydiscuss =P

  1. Mark

I am checking on these teething issues right now guys. Thanks for the heads up on this!

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