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StackIdeas sponsors Joomla!Day Colombia

StackIdeas sponsors Joomla!Day Colombia

We contribute every possible way we can to the worldwide Joomla community. We don't offer trainings on Joomla but we're indirectly encouraging more users to adopt Joomla by way of developing great Joomla components that are easy to use. This time, we are happy to be putting the Joomla word across to the people in Colombia.

The Joomla!Day Colombia 2012 is taking place this week on September 6th and 7th, 2012 and we are proud to be sponsoring this event!


It is the first Joomla event to be held in Colombia and I am guessing, the number of Joomla users here is experiencing explosive growth in the years to come. With Spanish being the main language of communication, it is not long for the Joomla CMS to be the preferred tool to power websites in this country as Joomla is already available in Spanish.

If you are heading to the beautiful Colombia for a holiday, why not spare a bit of time to mix with people who share the same passion as you? Be sure to catch OSM's new president Paul Orwig on some latest Joomla insights too.

We are proud to have lent a hand to make this event a success.


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