StackIdeas Christmas Sale

StackIdeas Christmas Sale

The year passed so fast and before you know it, it's Christmas again! We are in the Christmas mood and we hope you are also in jolly good spirits to celebrate this festive season.

We rounded up a few of our partners in the Joomlasphere who are also in the mood to give away discounts on some of your favorite Joomla components and templates.

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Feel free to check out what's in Santa's bag of goodies:

  • StackIdeas : Enjoy 30% off the popular EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and SectionEx.
    Coupon code : XMAS30

  • corePHP : Get 40% off storewide including JomCalendar.
    Coupon code: STACKCORE30

  • Build A Joomla Website : Learn to be a Joomla Pro with 25% off.
    Coupon code: xmas2011

  • YouJoomla : Join this template club get 30% off Club memberships.
    Coupon code: YJSTACK

  • Joomlart : Enjoy 40% off on new Club Memberships and renewals.
    Coupon code: JAXMAS1140

  • SiteGround : Enjoy ONE year hosting for the price of ONE month.
    No coupon code required.

  • JoomlaShack : Get 20% off all templates, extensions and developer clubs
    Coupon code: stack20

  • TechJoomla : Entitled for 25% off all components storewide
    Coupon code: XMAS25

  • iMaqma : Enjoy 35% off storewide
    Coupon code: STACKIDEAS35

All offers lasts till December 31st, 2011 at 2359 hours (GMT+0). THIS OFFER HAD ENDED.

Happy shopping and have a very Merry Christmas!


Comments (8)

  1. Brian

Please realease Easy Discuss 2.0 :)

  1. Brian


  1. Jack

Hey Brian,

It will be available really soon after the beta release :)

  1. Ravi

hey you have nice components, why not integrate the facebook comments with the Easy Discuss, it will add huge value to your component.

  1. Ravi

I am looking for something like JFB Connect, ideally, I would like to add facebook comments in addition to your comments to the easy discuss questions.

  1. Andrew Rogers    Ravi

Hi Ravi, we may add the integration with Facebook Comments in the future but at this moment, the built-in commenting system (like this one) in EasyDiscuss 2.0 is more than enough to fulfill the needs of users. Thank you for your ideas ;)

  1. Colin McLain

Hi Andrew,
We got EasyBlog just a few weeks earlier (Nov 22, 2011). Would you be in a giving mood and add the discount for us retroactively?
We are loving the software, but we are a non-profit, so every cent is precious.

  1. Andrew Rogers    Colin McLain

Hey Colin, would you be able to send an email request to for this (high) possibility? ;)

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