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Some Updates for Our Extensions

Some Updates for Our Extensions

Before we could usher in December, we would like to present you with maintenance release for EasySocial and EasyBlog, and some apps update for PayPlans. 

EasySocial 2.1.6 and EasyBlog 5.1.15 address mostly bug fixes, with some refinements and minor enhancement tweaked in. You may refer to the changes at the respective changelog links below. In the same manner, we would also like to introduce some pretty cool apps that might come in useful for your social site as well. 

It allows you to display weather data in simple yet beautiful listing layout on user profile page. It uses user profile location to gather the current and weather forecast for up to 9 days, and lastly the temperature is also easily configured to display in either degree Celsius or Fahrenheit mode.

This app is available on our apps store for only a one-time payment of $25.

This cute and cheeky module allows you to display the overall user mood on their profile cover area. The reacted posts performed on the site will then be aggregated and calculated on an average thus showing the current mood of the users. 

This app is available on our apps store for only a one-time payment of $25.

Site admin can now display a simple age restriction notice for users acknowledge before accessing the site content that could be offensive or explicit for the intended audience. 

This app is available on our apps store for only a one-time payment of $15.

This field will generate unique codes to each users upon registration on your social site. Users can then use their unique codes to either as a unique password or as a promotional code depending on how the site admins would like to utilize these unique codes.

This app is available on our apps store for only a one-time payment of $25.

PayPlans Apps Store Update 

And finally, the team managed to update some of the listed apps below. You can now download the updated apps at the back-end of PayPlans under 'Apps'. 

Payline app : Fixes applied for live account payment url. 

Menu access app : Fixes applied in relation to php7 errors.

PayPal app: Fixes applied for email validation. 

Content Seller app: Fixes applied for issue when no data were set.

PagSeguro app: Fixes applied for redeclaration of variable.

EasySocial Profile Type app: Fixes applied related to user_id retrieval.


Comments (12)

sounds cool about the new apps :) will there be soon something about Easyblog?

Yes, please watch our blog space :p

i'm already hitting F5 so badly but no new post :P maybe next week 8)

How dose user mood work exactly? Just make a mood posting in Storyboard and then it will show up in profile view?

Hm, sorry we probably missed the description of the mood app. I have updated the description of the app now. In short, it's based on the user's reactions against the activity streams :)

Ah i see, thanks for clarifying.

The weather app sounds really cool. Will have to try that out soon.

Mark just an idea but could we buy easy blog themes in the Apps Store, like the zinc theme etc for those of us that don't have the dev licence?

Hm, we don't actually have a mechanism for that just yet but it's a good idea :)

Anything new for EasyDiscuss? Frontend post approval? ;)

Maybe? :p

The funny thing is, that we almost got every week our christmas gifts. New functions, fixes in such frequency it's not possible. Think about, what the status will be into some few years. Amazing!

Thank you joy!

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