UPDATES PayPlans 4.2.11 Released

Cyber Monday One Day Sale

Cyber Monday One Day Sale

Happy Monday folks! How did your Black Friday shopping spree went last weekend? We hope that you managed to grab some of the best deals out there. Today, we have some pretty cool saving deals to share with you in conjunction with Cyber Monday.

Apps Store Update

For the longest time, we have been wanting to add another payment method for our apps store, as different ones without a PayPal account had approached us many times to get our apps alternately, we had to go through the hassle of issuing invoices manually and the entire process could be really time consuming. 

To cut the story short, we finally managed to add FastSpring into our apps store, and you can now make payment with either via PayPal or FastSpring. To officiate this amazing addition on our apps store, we would like to offer you a whopping 35% off on all our in-house apps for EasySocial. Do note that the discount are only made available for FastSpring payments with the coupon code CYBERBLUE.

Last but not least, we will be giving away 4 free in-house templates for both new Club and Agency bundle purchases. These free templates required manual activation, therefore do get in touch with us along with your #order reference and we will get it sorted out as soon as possible. 

Our Cyber Monday offerings are limited till today only, so be quick and stay tuned to our blog as many great plans coming up next. ;)

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can't wait to see new blogs :) in which side does it go? Blog, social or discuss?

In the blog :)

omg im so excited! Hope to god, that something with the composer will be done :P

hi, hi am wondering if this means that there will be a Fast Spring payment plugin for PayPlans?

Yes :) Fastspring will soon be supported by PayPlans.

Cool that is good news :-)

Yep, there will be cool news coming up too! Stay tune!

Thats cool, does it also count for renewals?

Hey Pieter,

It is only applicable to purchases on the app store :)

Hi Mark, is it already expired? It's only 5PM here Nov 27. The code doesn't work anymore.

Hey there, can you try again please? It should work now. :)

The code "CYBERBLUE" doesn't work ("The promotional code you entered does not exist.")...

Hey Juan,

It should be working now. Can you try again please? :)

Nice template,

Thank you :)

I want it, but I miss it :(. Whats a big pity :(. I want help with translate with EasyBlog.

Missed it too :(

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