ShootSmarter With EasyBlog

ShootSmarter With EasyBlog

Site Of The Week features different Joomla sites that use EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss, or Komento. Basically it can be treated as case study for users to see how our extension blends in your site and also it helps you to decide what extension fits your site best.

This week we are featuring ShootSmarter.


ShootSmarter blogs about photography techniques, hybrid photography, lighting ideas and more.

We managed to interview Will Crocket, the owner of ShootSmarter.

1. Have you used any Joomla extensions before EasyBlog?

We have used many Joomla extensions but this was our first time using a blog on our website.

2. How did EasyBlog helped you better manage your blogs compared to your previous Joomla extensions?

We had not used a blog before this.

3. How did you get to know about our extensions and, why did you choose them for your site?

We found it in the Joomla Extension directory. It was the most popular and we liked the layout and features that it included. We also need the latest blog feature for our home page.

4. What do you think about our support team?

They were very good. We had one small RSS issue that was fixed immediately.


Will Crockett, owner of ShootSmarter. 

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