EasyBlog 5.2 Progress Updates Part 2

Share EasyBlog & Komento contents with AutoTweetNG

Share EasyBlog & Komento contents with AutoTweetNG

You've just posted a blog or commented on an article and your conscience tells you that you should share them to your Facebook wall. You pushed the 'Share' button and done. But wait a minute -- what about your other social accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, JomSocial and CommunityBuilder, etc? You end up being in a copy-and-paste marathon, sharing the news across these social medias.

What if you can still share your content to all your social medias without even clicking a button? Enter AutoTweetNG -- the one-stop solution for all your social media sharing needs. AutoTweetNG is more than just automatically share your content, you can also schedule your tweets, set share rules, built-in URL shortener, and lots more features.

The best part of it all -- AutoTweetNG works with EasyBlog and Komento!

Whenever a new blog is posted in your EasyBlog, AutoTweetNG can automatically share your blog post to your Facebook and more. The same behavior works for Komento too when a new comment is posted, you can have that comment auto-shared to your Twitter or LinkedIn and appear in their respective activity streams.

Personally, I think this tool should have appeared sooner because it would save me a lot of time going into our StackIdeas social sites on Facebook, and Twitter whenever I put up news in our blog. EasyBlog already has a built-in autoposting feature that does the same automatic social sharing but looks like AutoTweetNG has more to offer.

You should check out AutoTweetNG demo or get a copy of it. To make it work with EasyBlog or Komento, you will need to download a plugin that's available from AutoTweetNG's website.

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