Komento hotfix available now

Komento hotfix available now

A new hotfix for Komento is available for download now. A very helpful user pointed to us a little issue in Komento and we had to postpone our restful weekend to get it fixed and resolved.


It is a very small issue but it could potentially cause a site to breakdown, if not fixed. We did a quick one on this and we'd like you to dash to our downloads area to get the latest version of Komento. Just overwrite your current installation and the job is done. There is no cause for panic for we'd like you to act swiftly on this.

There are currently 3 ways to quickly patch up your Komento component:

Uploading Patch files

Manual Patches

Users who would like a quick fix, edit the file /components/com_komento/views/rss/view.feed.php and at line 32, locate the block of codes below:

$cid = JRequest::getVar('cid', 'all');

Replace the codes above with,

$cid = JRequest::getInt( 'cid' );
$cid = !$cid ? 'all' : $cid;

Component Upgrades

If you have a subscription for Komento, you can request us to apply the fixes for you by creating a ticket at https://crm.stackideas.com. We'll also need your back end and FTP access.


Comments (4)

  1. Andy

Thanks for the swift action... Assume another way of getting this update is to just download the full component again and install over the top of the old? Just wanted to check this covers the issue too. Also will Stackideas products eventually integrate with Joomla's back-end 'Update Checker' - That's obviously a great way of alerting admin to the need to update too. Thanks.

  1. Jason Rey    Andy

Hi Andy,

The next release will include this hotfix. For now this patch is needed.

As for Joomla's backend update checker, we will definitely look into it. :)

  1. Stefano Gargiulo

Thanks for the alert i just fixed it :)

But now i'm a little bit warried about similar issues. Have you checked also your other components for similar issues? (I've also easy discuss pro)

  1. Mark    Stefano Gargiulo

Currently there is only advisory for Komento and not EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss :) They are free from such errors :)

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