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Preview of EasySocial 3.1 with OpenStreetMap

Preview of EasySocial 3.1 with OpenStreetMap

We are really excited to announce that the development works for EasySocial 3.1 has already been set in motion and today, I'd love to share with you some of the brand new features included EasySocial 3.1.

? OpenStreetMap Integration

OpenStreetMap support in EasySocial 3.1

OpenStreetMap is an open data licensed under ODbl by OpenStreetMap; An editable world map supported by the collaborative efforts of the community which is freaking awesome! It's also an alternative from Google Maps and it's absolutely free! With EasySocial 3.1, you may now integrate the best ever Social Network extension for Joomla with OpenStreetMap.

?Beauty & The URLs

Remove unwanted ID's from your URLs

You may now turn off the IDs in the URL should you wish to ? and the generated URLs in EasySocial 3.1 will also be better optimized for search engines too!

?‍?‍?User Listing Improvements

Brand new filters for friends and followers.

We have also added two new filters (My Followers and My Friends) on the user's listing which allow users on the site to quickly search for their friends or followers.

? Importing Users

Import users from CSV file into EasySocial 3.1

​With EasySocial 3.1, you will also be able to import users from a CSV file. The importing process is extremely simple and it can be mapped to the custom fields too!

? Advertisement Module

A slideshow module for your advertisements

There is a new slideshow that has been added into EasySocial 3.1, where it allows site admin to showcase specific or all advertiser's advertisements. Extremely useful if you want to showcase multiple ads.

? Username Restrictions

Site admin can now fill in the disallowed username on the form

The username restriction will come in useful where similar or partially similar usernames will be restricted during registrations. 

✨ Notification Improvements

Reaction icon in notifications

In the notifications popup, user reactions are now made visible for every stream items in EasySocial 3.1. This will now provide you with a clearer picture of these notifications.

? Tagging for Photos & Albums

If disabled, people tagging for photos & albums will no longer be possible.

You may now completely disable tagging on the photos and albums should you desire to not have such functionality on your site.


​We don't usually announce the exact time frame of our releases. This isn't entirely because we don't have a date for the release, but we would rather not have a fixed time on when we should release an update. It's usually based on our internal testing results, as we preferred to eliminate as many bugs or any possible fatal issues before making Alpha version available. 

The team and I appreciate for all the support that we have been getting so far. What do you guys think of EasySocial 3.1? Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions down below. Not to mention, more exciting news about EasySocial native app will be unveiled soon, so stay tuned! ?

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