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Pre-orders for EasySocial Native App

Pre-orders for EasySocial Native App

Today marks the second day of April and you will be pleased to know that we are rolling out the pre-orders for EasySocial native app starting today. ✨ 

Deep Linking

While the team works concurrently with EasySocial 3.1, we would also like to fill you in with one of the cool features added into the app recently. 

EasySocial native app introduces a cool feature called Deep Linking, where it uses uniform resource identifier (URI) to link specific location within a mobile app without the hassle of launching on the app itself for that particular link to work. 


The pre-order for the app starts $499 and the retail price would be $999. ​Not to mention, all early adopters will also enjoy an exclusive rate for the renewal subscription of our priority support and app updates.

With that being said, the pre-orders  ? for EasySocial native app is only available till 14th April 2019, so get it while it last. ?

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