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Personalized Joomla Blogging: Avatar Integration In EasyBlog

Personalized Joomla Blogging: Avatar Integration In EasyBlog

We make EasyBlog as extensible as possible by way of integrating with many third party Joomla components. This is a great way of sharing available resources across several programs without the need for repeated work i.e. signing up, fill forms, authorization, etc.

EasyBlog allows bloggers to create their own profiles in EasyBlog itself by adding their personal details, contacts and avatars. Or, if they already have an profile somewhere else, like Kunena or Community Builder, the blogger can still use the same avatar to appear in EasyBlog.

Avatars represents the identity of the user on the web and he or she may want to maintain their identity across the web for personal branding. The good news is, EasyBlog gives you this privilege!

In fact, EasyBlog is ready to display avatars from the following Joomla extensions:

  • Gravatar
  • Community Builder
  • JomSocial
  • Kunena
  • PHPbb
  • MightyTouch
  • Anahita Social Engine

To make this work in your EasyBlog, it is as simple as enabling the Avatar Integrations in the Joomla backend.

In your Joomla backend, click Components -> EasyBlog -> Settings -> Layout -> Avatars -> Avatar integrations

Select which program where your avatar is residing from the the drop down menu and click Save. In the frontend of EasyBlog, you should be able to view the same avatar pulled from i.e. if you choose Gravatar, your avatar in it will be displayed in your profile in EasyBlog.

But if you intend to use the avatars from phpBB, you are required to specify the path of the avatar image in order to have it appear in EasyBlog. Other than this, everything else is E-A-S-Y!

This cool feature also allows you to pull avatars from your existing social networks powered by Joomla, like from Community Builder, JomSocial, MightyTouch or Anahita. Users of multiple Joomla extensions like these can feel at home when blogging in EasyBlog.

EasyBlog allows your avatar to be displayed in categories or in team blogs listing too.

Feel free to explore this feature in your copy of EasyBlog! Happy blogging!


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What would reaaaaally be great is profile integration… so when admin can set some JS/CB fields Easyblog profile field correspondance… Because no user likes to fill the same information twice !

Thanks for the list of Joomla extensions. Also, it was nice to know about EasyBlog.

Our home is very important and useful part of our life. We are using our home much time in a day. So we need to remodeling of our home is necessary. Your blog is very helpful for us. Thanks.

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