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PayPlans 4.2.1 Available Today

PayPlans 4.2.1 Available Today

PayPlans 4.2.1 is now ready for prime time! Yes, that is right, our team has been working around the clock to get this released because this will be a major milestone for PayPlans since it now fully supports Joomla 3.x and Joomla 4.x out of the box! Read on to recap on the changes in this release.

If you have missed our beta post earlier, here is a recap of the goodies included in this release:

  Joomla 4 Ready

Support for Joomla 4 Beta

The reason that this release is a major milestone for us considering that PayPlans 4.2 is now fully compatible with Joomla 4.

Yootheme Pro Integrations

Yootheme Pro Integrations

We added a custom element for Yootheme Pro where you can just drag and drop the plans into the page. 

The element also inherits the pricing plan styles from UIKit, making the integration seamless.

SP PageBuilder Integrations

SP Page Builder Integrations

PayPlans 4.2 also has integrations with SP Page Builder out of the box. It will automatically inherit the styles from SP Page Builder.

Redesigned Checkout Experience  ?

All New Checkout Design

Ever since PayPlans 4, we have introduced a full layout to increase conversion rates.

In this release, we have also updated the user experience to ensure your site gets better conversion rates

Configurable Checkout Screen

Redesigned Checkout Experience

If you prefer PayPlans to be rendered in the component view instead, you can now configure it to do so!

Interactive Images ?

Interactive Images

With PayPlans 4.2, we have replaced most of these boring aesthetics with animated graphics to enhance the checkout experience.

Custom Payment Gateways & Apps

Custom Apps

PayPlans 4.2 also adds the ability for developers to create their own custom payment gateways and apps without needing to modify any core codes.

Administration User Experience  ?

Administrative Guidance

We have also updated the entire user experience at the back-end and also added a quick help button to almost every screen that we can find. 

Each help button will be linked to the respective documentation area, giving you easier access to get help.

Better E-mail Management ?

E-mail Listings

The back-end of PayPlans now allows you to tweak, customize and preview all the e-mails that are generated by PayPlans.

Redesigned E-mail Templates ?

New E-mail Templates

We have also redesigned the entire list of e-mails that are generated by PayPlans and it looks amazing.

DJ Classifieds App

DJ Classifieds Integrations

This new app allows you to assign DJ Classified points to users when they purchase a plan in PayPlans.

More EasySocial Apps

EasySocial Apps
EasySocial Apps Settings

We have added 3 new EasySocial apps that enhance the integrations with Pages, Groups and Events from EasySocial.

You can define rules that publish or unpublish these items on EasySocial when a subscription status changes.

Better Validation Process ⚠️

Better Validation

Prior to this release, validation was done on the server-side and that alone is not a good user experience.

With this new release, validations are done client-side and the server-side as well.

Payment Failure Notifications  ?

Payment Notifications for Failed Payments

We have also added the ability to notify users when their payment failed to get them to update their payment details.

This will definitely increase the conversion rates for recurring subscriptions.

Offline Payments ?

Offline Payments

You can now add an e-mail address to be displayed in the offline payment screen

EasyDiscuss Ticket Submission

EasyDiscuss Ticketing App

We have also added a new app to allow you to restrict the number of posts a user can create in EasyDiscuss. This allows you to charge customers for creating tickets on the site.

Content ACL App

Content ACL Overlay

You can now also add an overlay to the restricted contents when using the Content ACL App

Other Changes From 4.2 Beta & 4.1.x

Apart from these awesome changes, the team also worked tirelessly to fix and address some of the issues reported from the 4.2 beta and 4.1.x series:

  • ? Added new option to refund transactions in offline payment method
  • ? EasyBlog App will now allow user to save the post as draft before redirecting them to the plans page
  • ? Improved overall checkout experience if user does not need to enter VAT ID
  • ? Added new payment method token [[TRANSACTION_PAYMENT_METHOD]]
  • Fixed issue with discount codes not applied when non logged in user tries to apply coupon code
  • PayPlans will now notify site administrators when a new user registers on the site via PayPlans
  • Fixed issue with missing token [[PLAN_TITLE]]
  • Fixed issue with not being able to edit custom field details when editing a subscription
  • Fixed issue with dropdown notifier not displaying dropdown when clicking on arrow
  • Ordering of plan groups is now respected based on the ordering set from the back-end
  • Fixed issue with PayPlans not respecting settings when upgrading to a recurring with trial plan
  • Fixed issue with plan assignment from the back end when using a coupon code that has 100% discounts
  • Fixed styling conflicts with Stripe v3
  • Fixed issue with JReviews app for listing restrictions when there is more than 1 instance of the app created
  • Skrill Balance Payment method is now shown when checking out with Skrill
  • PayPlans will now prevent users from accidentally clicking on the create account button multiple times during checkout
  • Fixed expiration date will now display on the plan page if the plan is configured with fixed expiration date

Downloading PayPlans 4.2.1

As always, you can download the latest version of PayPlans from your dashboard. Should you require any assistance at all, please feel free to get in touch with our support team!

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