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PayPlans 4.1 RC Released

PayPlans 4.1 RC Released

We would like to thank all that participated in the beta releases of PayPlans 4.1 and we are excited to announce that PayPlans 4.1 RC is now available. Read on to learn more. 

If you have missed the post earlier which highlights the new features for PayPlans 4.1, you may refer to the post here
Here are the improvements and bug fixes that are included in PayPlans 4.1 RC :

  • Description for offline method page is now updated

  • Japanese Yen currency will now work properly in stripe payment gateway 

  • Auto Populate Email will now work properly in Pop-Up Stripe Payment Integration

  • Addressed issue with user hitting error while downloading invoice

  • Addressed issue with PayFLow payment gateway execute multiple charges 


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Great news, .... Please take consideration of making a very usefull app for payplan ... The posibility to pay subscription with the easysocial points. and maybe also to upgrade automaticaly on a certain badge earned. But the first is very usefull when you have a free subscription and want to use engagement of the users give them points that can use on renew subscription or to update a plan ....

I agree with Bogdan. Better integration of EasySocial with PayPlans is what I expect too.

Thanks for the insights on this guys! As most of you know, PayPlans wasn't developed in-house within StackIdeas and our very first goal is to tear it down and refactor PayPlans. This is exactly what was done in both stages (PayPlans 4.0 and PayPlans 4.1)

Moving forward, we'll start taking down feature requests that you guys suggest on the respective area to be implemented on future releases

... also, pay mounthly / annualy should be a swich button on plans and make the price automaticaly on the first place ... This will be a great features of the plans ....

Kindly please post the appropriate feature requests under the feature requests section :)


Great idea! I am for!

Thank you Shuklin

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