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PayPlans 4.1Beta 2 Released

PayPlans 4.1Beta 2 Released

​Hello guys! A few weeks ago, the team has released PayPlans 4.1 Beta 1. After collecting feedback from the bug hunters, we are thrilled to announce that PayPlans 4.1 Beta 2 is now ready ?

PayPlans 4.1 Beta 2 includes several improvements as well as bug fixes found in PayPlans 4.1 Beta 1. In case you have not read about the brand new features in PayPlans 4.1, you may head over to our previous post for a quick view. 

These are the improvements and changes added in PayPlans 4.1 Beta 2 :

  • Invoice styling on mobile site will now work properly

  • Prices will now be displayed correctly on the plan upgrade pop-up

  • Free plans will now expire based on the Fixed Expiration Date settings 

  • Addressed issue with subscription plans displayed wrongly on the plans group 

  • New settings on credit card expiration date format in Authorize CIM payment method  

  • Non-PayPlans language files will no longer be affected when administrators uninstall a selected language pack from PayPlans

Bug Hunters ??

To test run PayPlans 4.1 Beta 2, you can click on the download button below to download the installer. For bug reports and feedback, do submit them to the Issue Tracker.

Let's start hunting! ?

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