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PayPlans 4.0.13 Update

PayPlans 4.0.13 Update

We released PayPlans 4.0.12 yesterday to address an important critical fix but we realized that some folders were not properly deleted when upgrading from PayPlans 3.7 or earlier. This update ensures that these legacy folders prior to PayPlans 3.7 is removed from the site.

Updating To PayPlans 4.0.13 

Updating PayPlans is pretty easy and straightforward. If you are updating from PayPlans 4.0.x , you can click on the update button found on the dashboard of your PayPlans backend. Otherwise, you may head over to your dashboard, download the launcher package or full package installer and run the installation as you normally would.

Should you require any assistance from our team with the upgrade, please get in touch with us.

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