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PayPlans 4.2.7 Released

PayPlans 4.2.7 Released

We have just released PayPlans 4.2.7 to address some issues from the previous release.

In this release, we have also added some new functionality in PayPlans and implemented several fixes to address those teething issues from its prior release:

  • 🆕 Advertisement Submission App for EasySocial 4.0
  • Updated 2checkout payment process
  • PayPlans will now throw an exception if an error occurs during payment notifications to avoid payment gateways treating them as successful IPN callback
  • VAT ID will only be required when company name is required
  • Fixed issue with duplicate translation constants in language file
  • Fixed issue with expired subscriptions being manually activated by admin from the back-end
  • Fixed issue with EasyDiscuss ticket submission app not applying correct restrictions
  • Fixed issue with not being able to update credit card details with Stripe payment gateway
  • Fixed issue with PayPlans Gift plugin not displaying on the checkout correctly when user is not registered
  • Fixed integration errors with EasySocial when no rules are created for Profile Types
  • Fixed issue with plan dynamic modifier not respecting currency format
  • Fixed issue with plan assignments not removing a plan from the user
  • Fixed issue with guest details being stored under virtual user
  • Fixed issue with subscription start date not being set correctly for fixed date expirations
  • Checkout the changelog for the full changes

Updating to PayPlans 4.2.7

Updating PayPlans is a pretty straightforward procedure. You can update PayPlans using the single-click updater in Joomla! or the back end of PayPlans. Alternatively, you can also download the latest version from your dashboard and install it just like how you normally install any extension.

Our awesome support team is always around should you require any assistance at all.

Happy Updating!

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