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EasySocial 4.0 RC 2

EasySocial 4.0 RC 2

We are almost there, just a couple of new exciting features that we would like to share with you before we get to the stable release.

Users Table Export Layout 

In this release, we have added a brand new layout that allows you to render a list of users in a table layout along with their custom field values. In this new layout, you will get to configure which custom fields you want to render in the menu settings which makes this highly customizable.

User Table Layout

Apart from that, we have also fixed other issues reported from the prior RC release:

  • 🆕 Admin can now configure behavior of Youtube videos to include related videos
  • Added additional database indexes to improvise overall performance of SQL queries executed in EasySocial
  • Improved performance when rendering members worldwide from the back-end dashboard
  • Marketplaces are now rebranded as Marketplace
  • Improved user experience when reacting on Safari for mobile
  • Added missing marketplace item pictures on profile layout
  • Updated the layout for marketplace items to display price on a separate line
  • Fixed issue with users retrieved in online users module includes non online users
  • Fixed issue when sharing a playlist Youtube url
  • Fixed issue with single sign on with Facebook where nothing happens upon clicking on Sign in with Facebook button
  • Fixed issue with duplicated popbox being generated
  • Search results will no longer display private contents from Group, Pages and Events
  • Fixed issue with achievers not being rendered on badge layout due to privacy issues
  • Fixed issue with comments not rendered correctly due to usage of incorrect cache key
  • Replying to own comments will no longer generate a notification
  • Standardized the overall look and feel of elements in EasySocial to use rounded corners
  • Avatar of groups, pages and events will now be centered when viewing on a mobile device

Download EasySocial RC 2

To download the RC release, is similar to downloading the previous beta releases. Although this is an RC release, we still encourage you to install it on a development or staging site first before immediately deploying it on your live sites.

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