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PayPlans 4.0.14 with SCA Updates

PayPlans 4.0.14 with SCA Updates

If you are using Stripe for your Joomla sites and you or your business is residing in the EU, please do take note that Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will be rolling out on September 14th, 2019. We have just released an update to address an integration issue with Stripe for SCA and updating to PayPlans 4.0.14 will guarantee a smooth transition when you turn on SCA on Stripe.

As this is just a quick maintenance update to ensure a smooth transition when you activate SCA tomorrow, these are just some of the changes for 4.0.14:

  • Strong Customer Authentication(SCA) for Stripe payment method now works properly.
  • Custom css are now properly loaded on PayPlans​.

Updating To PayPlans 4.0.14 

As usual, updating to the latest version is pretty easy, all you need to do is to click on the Update button found in the administration area of PayPlans. You may also update it manually by downloading the installation files from your dashboard and install it just like how you normally would.

If you need any help, please get in touch with our friendly support team 🧸 


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Very quick response and impressive support for Joomla Stackideas customers and fans!

Have a nice weekend now!

Thank you ssnobben!

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