Partnership between Stack Ideas and GavickPro

Partnership between Stack Ideas and GavickPro

After some discussion, we've finally tie a partnership with the awesome GavickPro team. The team are famous for stealing the heart of the Internet users across the globe with their awesome WordPress and Joomla templates. 

GavickPro are famous for the template such as (M)Social, Game and MusicState. One of my predecessors, Andrew, has already wrote about these awesome templates here. All of these mentioned templates supports EasyBlog. :)

Here's a sample screenshot for their template dubbed as 'Game'. 


We hope that with this partnership, we will assist each other to grow and provide the best to our users. The GavickPro team are even kind enough to provide our users with a 20% discount on their Business and Developer subscription purchase. To get the coupon code, navigate to our Partners page and check it out under GavickPro's segment. Kindly take note that the code is only accessible to our active license holders so if you haven't renew yet, it's best if you renew now so that you can take advantage of GavickPro's kind offer. 


Comments (14)

  1. Justin

Very cool!

  1. Ahmad Justin    Justin

Thanks Justin. :)

  1. Nameless

Hope you guys never start to develop WP-extensions, all joomla extensions developer and template providers that start to develop for WP too, seems to forgot about their core users, the Joomla users, and i would hate to se that happen to Stackideas.

  1. Ahmad Justin    Nameless

Well, personally, I hope so, too. ;)

Thank you for commeting, Nameless.

  1. John Coonen

Gavick is an excellent template house. Good choice!

  1. Ahmad Justin    John Coonen

I agree. Gavick is a very solid and excellent template house.

  1. Justin

@ Gavick - while you're at it, integrating EasySocial's users, events and groups into News Show Pro would be awesome (hint hint :))

  1. Ahmad Justin    Justin

Hey, that sounds like a good plan, Justin. Will discuss this with Mark and bring it forward to the Gavick team. :D

  1. Witold Jermołowicz

I used Gavick templates for years. Their "Meet Gavern" template is really lightweight... I've performed some tests and pageload is quite close to Wanderers. Also extensions they've made are awesome: Grid, NewsShowPro and many others. I hope some day they will support EasySocial stream in NewsShowPro or other extension. Bravo StackIdeas... it was very good move.

  Comment was last edited about 4 years ago by Witold Jermołowicz Witold Jermołowicz
  1. Ahmad Justin    Witold Jermołowicz

Thank you Witold. Yup, we were informed on their template's awesomeness on both UX and technical point of view. We'll try to work on the integration, but not after we're done with two of our major releases. :)

  1. santi pink

I love Gavick and Stackideas. Have tried other services out there and again and again, I find myself back to these two, sooo glad you've joined forces. Both your approach to high quality customer service align and totally makes sense. Also agree with Justin in his comment above... that integration with Gavick's News Show Pro would be an awesome hit.... keep up the great work!

  1. Ahmad Justin    santi pink

Thank you Santi. Seems that people are very keen on Justin's (the other Justin, not me lol) idea. I'll forward it to our developers. ;)

  1. Erik Ellsinger

Maybe you could work together on Easysocial support in Gavick templates also :)

  1. Ahmad Justin    Erik Ellsinger

Thank you for your idea, Erik. :)

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